Jun 18, 2012

Doll Dress class

I taught another Doll Dress class and the students were delightful!  They made the apron dress (in the middle)from "Vanilla House" designs.  This doll dress pattern is easy to construct because the pattern pieces are all rectangles, cut with a rotary cutter.  There is no fussing with inset sleeves, and the back of the dress is fastened with an 8" long piece of sew on velcro.

Mickey brought her grand daughter, Makayla.  

Donna  brought her grand daughter, Kate.

The girls chose their two coordinating fabrics all by themselves.
I love the pleased look on Makayla's face as she shows off the dress she sewed for her doll Julie. 

Kate is really pleased with her dress too, her doll's name is Taylor.

The girls learn how to measure and use a rotary cutter, with strict supervison of course!  They also learn how to use an iron, and how important it is to press for good results.
It is very rewarding teaching young girls how to sew.
Isn't it cute how much each of the girls' dolls looks just like them!

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  1. Your class will be such a pleasant memory for these young girls for years to come!

  2. What a perfect project for teaching little girls to sew. Good find. Good job.