Apr 12, 2021

Doll Clothes

 My grand daughter is turning 11 and she still loves her 18" American dolls. It helps that she has sisters to play dolls with too!  I made her some doll clothes for her birthday and used my doll Red Rose, to do the modeling.

This fabric has a sparkly thread woven into it, and it wasn't very easy to sew.  There was a lot of unravelling, so I had to secure all the seam allowances with an overcast stitch.  It wasn't the most desirable fabric to work with...

Here is Red Rose modeling a garden outfit.  A nice broad rimmed hat to keep the sun out of her eyes, and a cute apron with blue vintage rick rack trim.  Red Rose has her garden bag full of some of her beautiful flowers that she just picked from her garden.  She's still waiting for her strawberries and blueberries to grow and become ripe.

This is a cute retro looking outfit with lots of detail.  I hand stitched the crocheted butterfly to the pocket.

This sporty outfit comes with a nice green sash to tie her hair back.

I think Charlotte will like these clothes for her doll, it's always nice to refresh your wardrobe :)


  1. Great effort. Your granddaughter will love the new wardrobe for her dolls.

  2. These doll cloths are adorable! I know how fiddly they can be. I'm sure Charlotte will love dressing up her doll in them, over and over again. Oh how I loved my dolls. Each day when my bed was made - 3 of them sat prettily on my bed, but many were scattered around my room, all tidy till it was time to play school, church or other activities with them. One was named after my older cousin who could be quite bossy at times, so that poor doll always got the worst marks (and scoldings) in school etc. :)! Fun memories.