Feb 14, 2021

Repurposed Doll Clothes

 See this cute little girl?  She's one of my precious grand daughters, her name is Isabel Louise.  We call her Izzy.  She loves dresses and skirts.  She chooses her clothes every morning and does a great job at coordinating her outfits.  The dress she is wearing in this photo was one of her absolute favorites.  This photo was taken 2 years ago when Izzy was 4 years old.  She just had a birthday and now she's 6 and in Kindergarten!  The time sure does fly by fast.

It was a shame to get rid of this dress, but it is pretty worn...
I had an idea to repurpose it and make a dress for Izzy's 18" doll for her birthday.  

This is my 18" doll, her name is Red Rose.  I bought her for my grandchildren to play with when they come to visit.  Her beautiful ringlets have become fuzzy, but she's loved.  She has the outfit that she came with and I made her an extra dress.  I keep meaning to make her some more clothes for the grandchildren to have even more fun with!
Red Rose is my model, she fashions the clothing I make for my grand daughters.  Here she is wearing Izzy's repurposed dress.  It's a long dress (ankle length) and I was able to keep the original hem.  There wasn't quite enough fabric for the entire dress so I found some in my quilt stash for her bodice.  I even put the original tulle lining under the skirt, keeping the original hem and gathering.

I didn't have any knit fabric or any fabric besides quilting cotton.
Red Rose's top is from a pajama top I had.  The pants were Izzy's and I kept the ruffled hem and reattached the bow at the waist.

These cute Santa pj's were Izzy's too.

This monkey robe used to be Izzy's and she laughed and laughed when she saw it.  I used the original hems again and used the robe sash, it was the perfect length!

All of these doll clothes were our birthday gift for Izzy.
I made this dress from fabric in my stash and the rick rack trim is vintage.

I thought this was such a cute and easy idea and wanted to share it with you.  The dresses and the top were painstakingly time consuming.  I had to take a break for a few days and then I was fresh and able to finish them.  It was all worth it when I saw the joy in Isabel's face when she opened her gift :)


  1. May I say that you have done a wonderful job of repurposing those clothes. I have admired your work for yonks.

  2. These are so precious - you are such a wonderful grandmother. Now Izzy can enjoy all these lovelies when she is playing with her own dolls. So many cute outfits!

  3. I read somewhere what you can do to fix frizzy doll hair. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but maybe you can find it by searching for doll refurbishing. There were before and after pics and it was remarkable.