Jul 24, 2017

My quilt is loved!

I made the Farm Girl Vintage Sampler quilt for my lovely little grand daughter for her 10th birthday!
She's now in the double digits :)

This quilt took two years to make, and was difficult, with all the little pieces that make a 6" block!
I gave it to the perfect person, she really appreciates it :)
Isn't Kennedy the cutest?

A couple of days after she opened her gift, Kennedy and her sisters went to their aunt and uncle's house for a few days.
I asked Kennedy if she took her quilt with her.
She told me she didn't take it to their house because she was afraid it would get dirty.
Perfect answer!!! Lol

Kennedy is perfectly awesome!
She is kind, thoughtful, happy, funny, creative, pretty, and she's made of spice and everything nice.
She's a lot like her mother, like me, my mother and my mother's mother.
How cool to see so many generations wrapped up in one sweet little girl!

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  1. It is always so special and unique to see 'us' in our children and grandchildren. Beautiful quilt wrapped around your beautiful granddaughter!