May 8, 2017

Farm Girl Sampler quilt part 3

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I'm still working on my Farm Girl Sampler quilt and want to show you all the little 6" blocks that I've made.

Summer Star block

Baking Day block

Cold Watermelon block

Mama Hen block
(I made a quilt out of these hens, really cute!)
You can see it here!

Postage Stamp block

Woolly Sheep block

Fresh Pears block

Milking Day block

 Farm Fresh Flower block

Milk Cow block

Sunday Morning block

Old Glory block

Corn and Tomatoes block

Autumn Star block

Furrows block

Pinwheels block

Not only are all the blocks cute, but Lori Holt even makes their names cute, lol!
I hope you've enjoyed my block parade :)

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  1. I've really enjoyed your block parade! You have been busy :)!