Apr 10, 2017

Farm Girl Sampler blocks

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I just can't get enough of "Farm Girl Vintage"!
I'm going to make the Farm Girl Vintage Sampler quilt, and today I'll show you 10 of my 48 blocks.
They're all 6" and I think they're difficult to make, because the some of the pieces are so little!
This is the Butter Churn block.

Out to Pasture block

Scrappy Maple Leaf block

Spring Star block

Penny Pig block

Kettle's On! block

Patchwork Pumpkin block

Country Crossroads block

Pie Cherries block

Churn Dash block (with a heart)

I made most of these blocks when Lori's book first came out, and they've been sitting in a pile ever since!
Thanks for visiting :)


  1. You have a big, but wonderful journey ahead of you! I made so many little and bigger quilts with many blocks, but not 1 quilt with all of the blocks - yet :)!

  2. Can't wait to see it. That's one I would like to do also.