Nov 28, 2016

Matching pillow Cases and Lined Travel Bags

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I made 3 little pillowcases to fit 12" X 16" pillow forms.
I wrote a tutorial on them, and you can see it here.

 I love this fabric!  

I made these pillowcases for 3 of my little grand daughters.
We are taking a trip to Africa together, tomorrow.
Our plane flight from Atlanta to Johanesburg is 17 hours!
I hope these pillows will bring them sweet dreams on the airplane.

 I also made Neo, Kylie and Isabel, a lined travel bag that matches their pillows :)

It's just as much fun choosing fabric for the lining as it is for the outside of the bag :)

 I know that Neo (6 years) and Kylie (3 years) will be fine on the plane, but not quite sure how 18 month old Isabel will be!

I filled the bags with some books, pencils and treats, to help keep the girls interested throughout the trip.
I'll post some photos when I get home :)


  1. You are such a wonderful grandmother. Love those pillow cases and bags - and adding all those treats within! So special!

  2. What a 'grand' idea! They are adorable sets and you'll be so glad you made the sweet effort. Have a safe journey and a wonderful visit to Africa. Looking forward to hearing all about it! XO