Sep 19, 2016

Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman

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I've been wanting to make Elizabeth Hartman's "Fancy Forest" quilt for a while now.
I made the baby quilt, which is just one quadrant of the full size quilt.
The little animals are so cute!
I love the process of choosing fabric and prints, it's one of my favorite parts of making a quilt.
 I was able to use the fabric from my stash, except for the background fabric and the black for the eyes and noses.
This is Hazel Hedgehog.

This is Mr. Fancy Fox.

I especially love the 3D looking fabric in this one :)

These are fireflies.
There were a lot of little pieces!

This is Bunny :)

This is Mr. Owl, I hope he doesn't scare the baby, lol!

This is a thistle blossom.

This is my finished quilt.  
I'm going to put minky on the back and quilt it myself.
Search for Elizabeth Hartman's quilt online, there are some really pretty ones out there!

By the way, my friend Joni sent this to me.
It's so true!!!


  1. Pretty ambitious! Came out just adorable. I've picked up the owl pattern but haven't had time to make it, yet. Next, I'd like the firefly pattern. It's so pretty. Job well done! Love your color choices!

  2. Love your quilt and the way you laid it out with all the blocks. Love it in the blues and greys! This is a quilt my son would claim for his own instantly - especially with the minky backing! Many of Elizabeth's patterns are on my To Do List. One of my first quilts was from her Cat pattern.

  3. Awesome job Cynthia!! I love it!

  4. Awesome job Cynthia!! I love it!

  5. That turned out wonderfully. I was wondering did you end up using all of the fabric suggested in the pattern?