May 24, 2016

Taylor's Blessing Day

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Introducing Taylor Evans, she's 3 months old and it's her special day!

She's such a happy baby :)

I finished Taylor's bonnet on the drive to Utah, and forgot to get a detailed photograph of it.
It sure makes her look like an old fashioned baby.
The bonnet is smocked, and I attached silk satin ribbon and embroidered a buillon rose on each side where the ribbon attaches to the bonnet.

We went to our son's home early so we could dress Taylor and take lots of photos :)

Taylor is our twelfth grandchild :)

My husband and I with Taylor's two older sisters.
Reagan is 5 l/2 and Paisley just turned 2.

Our son Jordan and our daughter in law Kimalee and their three beautiful daughters.

My husband Ricky and I, and our 13 grandchildren!
Our daughter Rebecca is in the photo, holding Jacob, our newest grandson.
He was born 8 weeks early, and was in the hospital for 5 weeks.
He just came home and is swaddled in the purple wrap.

This is our whole family, minus our daughter and her husband who live in Tampa.
Pictured are 5 of our children and their spouses.  
Our youngest son Sean (middle row on the right) isn't married yet, but he's engaged to Kari, a beautiful young lady from Costa Rica.

These 4 little girls were all born within a 7 month period.
That was so much fun!!!
On the left is Reagan, she will be 6 in November.
Next, is Charlotte, she just turned 6 in April.
Neo is in the lavender top, she will be 6 in October.
On the right is Maisie, she will be 6 in July.
You can see all of their blessing gowns and photos of babies in my previous post :)

We had a wonderful time with our family, we were able to spend some time with all of them (except Vanessa in Tampa), there's nothing I enjoy more!!!
I'll have some sewing to show you next week :)


  1. Beautiful family photos Cynthia, Taylors is adorable and her blessing gown is absolutely stunning, you did a beautiful job. xx

  2. What a beautiful family Cynthia! Your sewing and quilting always amazes me, I should be so talented! I only have one GD - Abby who is now 13 and such a fun part of our lives. Thanks for sharing your work and the wonderful pics of your family.