Mar 28, 2016

Hazel Hedgehog

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I love making baby quilts, they're the perfect size!
One of my favorite parts of making a quilt, is choosing the fabric :)

Alpha bittys making finding pieces a breeze!

A few hours of cutting and sewing, and Hazel the Hedgehog (designed by Elizabeth Hartman) has come to life.
Isn't she cute?

I machine quilted and bound her, and hung her outside for a photo.

Aren't the fresh green leaves and blossoms beautiful?
There was a really perfumed aroma too.

This is the back of the quilt, it's a soft minky.
I didn't put any batting in the quilt, it's really light.

I made 4 burp pads to match, about 9" X 14".
The pink and gray animal print is what I used for the binding.

I backed the burp pads with the same minky I used for the quilt back.
The print looks like little dandelions that you blow in the wind.

I like to roll up the burp pads and tie them with a ribbon.

Since the quilt was lightweight, I was able to tie it up also.

The quilt is on its way to a special baby girl :)

My next baby quilt will be "Fancy Forest" by Elizabeth Hartman, in blues.


  1. I love it so cute. You're such a great grandma.

  2. I love it so cute. You're such a great grandma.

  3. This is such an adorable baby quilt! I love it!