Feb 15, 2016

Another Sew Together Bag

I'm here to show you another sew together bag I made :)
This is the my fifth one, and I don't have to look a the photo tutorial that I found online anymore, yay!
There are so many creative possibilities for this bag.
I used Lori Holt's "modern minis" fabric line for the outside of the bag.
The red check binding is from her first fabric line, "sew cherry".

Isn't this side so happy?

The sew together bag isn't complete without a cute charm on the end of the zipper!
I bought these Salt Lake temple charms from doodle bead, on etsy.

The pockets are so big inside, there are four of them.
I put washi tape in one, and various other paper products in the others.
I used Lori Holt fabric on the inside too, but not modern minis.
I chose fabric that had reds and aquas.

Here's a look at the bag with empty pockets :)
There are so many things you can use this bag for....paper stuff, post its, stickers, gel pens, sewing notions, embroidery supplies, coupons, and even makeup.
I'd be a little hesitant to use it for makeup though, because it would discolor the fabric over time.

I love these labels, I bought them from tag-it-ons, you can google them, or call 949-552-3299.

I used lots of bright colored zippers.

I really love the "purses" fabric pocket :)

This is what the insides of the zipper pockets look like.

Thanks for showing interest in my sew together bags!
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  1. This is soooo cute!!! Making one of these has been on my todo list forever... seeing yours makes me want to start right now;-)

  2. I love these little bags... it looks like it's so functional! Your fabrics are so cute too!

  3. Sew adorable! You were brave to give these a try! I have to thank you again for inspiring me to try something new. Took the walking foot tutorial and ended up pulling out my barely used Bernina with a BSR and gave it a go. I have learned so much in the last few weeks. Thank you Cynthia for inspiring me. Teresa