Sep 21, 2015

Embroidered Mini Quilt

I love embroidery, and was asked to do a swap with a friend on Instagram.
Her name is Leanne and she lives in Tasmania, Australia.
This is her blog, Lizzie the quilter., she blogged about the mini quilt I made for her.
The embroidery is by Sarah Jane, I bought the pattern and used my own colors.
I embroidered in the car on one of our road trips :)
I chose a white printed quilt cotton to use as a base for the embroidery.

I have a thing for detail, I love it!
I have a box of little l l/2" squares that I've been collecting from my scraps.
I used the prettiest, brightest, happiest colors I could find.
I love pinwheels too, so I used a lot of those.

More little squares in deliciously cheerful colors and prints!

Excuse my stained ironing board cover, it's from the spray starch (Mary Ellen's starch press) that I use on my blocks.
Cute little pinwheels, I love them!

I enjoy designing quilts, I always feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
This little quilt measures approximately 16" X 24".
It's so feminine, and I had a really difficult time giving it away :)

I contemplated long and hard, about what color to use for the binding.
I always like the binding to pop, and with so many pretty colors, I thought that black would do the job.
I really like the effect.

I used a jigsaw quilt pattern for the machine quilting, and tried to make it as small as I could, to match the teeny measurements of the quilt.
I used a yellow Tanya Whelan print for the back.

I wanted the little embroidered girl to stand out, so I machine stitched pebble quilting around her.
She is smelling a bouquet of flowers, and Leanne loves flowers!
Check out her blog, she has a genuine green thumb :)
I hope you like the mini quilt I designed as much as I do.

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  1. I LOVE your mini quilt, from the embroidered girl to all the beautiful scrappy squares and little pinwheel blocks, to the beautiful quilting you did on it. What a special gift!!

  2. Hi all so sweet ! Thanks for sharing !

  3. This is so sweet! I love everything about it! I also love pinwheels and your bright cheery fabrics make this so wonderful! I am sure your friend was delighted!