Jul 31, 2013

Flags for Lac-Megantic

On July 6, an 80 car train derailed and exploded.  
It blew up the town of Lac Megantic, Quebec in the Eastern Townships, 155 miles east of Montreal.
30 buildings were destroyed and they think it killed 50 people.
An investigation is still ongoing.
You can read about it here

I grew up 10 minutes south of Montreal, in St. Lambert.
I wanted to help in my own little way, so I made some flags for Lac- Megantic. 
 They only wanted blues, greens and purples, no fire colors.  
I don't know if that many people have made flags, so if you and/or your quilting guild could help, that would be wonderful!
I think that rows and rows of flags would help cheer the citizens of Lac-Megantic.  
It would show that the rest of the world cares about them :)

If you click the blue Lac-Megantic button on the right of my blog, it will take you to a blog with instructions for making flags.
They need them by August 24.
It takes a little longer to send envelopes to Canada :)
Here are my flags, I made 8 of them.

I sure hope you'll be able to make some flags and show your love and support for the people who have suffered such tragedy and trauma in Lac-Megantic.

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  1. Lovely colours!! Your flags will definitely warm the hearts of the citizens in Lac Megantic!!!

  2. Thanks Cynthia! Love your flags. I shared this information with my sister, who shared it with her guild and they will also be making flags. I agree with you, let's show Lac Megantic that they are in our thoughts!