Jul 2, 2018

Appleicious, Quilt Fun!

I have loved this quilt since the day I saw it in Lori Holt's first book, "Quilty Fun".
I made this quilt a year and a half ago, you can see the post here.
I love the simplistic look of the crosshatch machine quilting.
I think that it's a really great modern look.
I'm going to hang this quilt up in the fall, even though I don't think there is a fall season in Arizona!
I'll just have to think back to my years growing up in Canada.

I love this quilt so much, that I have a board on Pinterest, devoted to this quilt!
I love the back!
Lori Holt's "modern minis" mason jars and at the bottom, I put of strip of her "bake sale" cookie recipe fabric.
When I see apples, I sometimes think of canning applesauce, hence the mason jars.
I also think of apple pie, hence the cookie recipe fabric :)
That's how my mind works, lol!

I didn't use a scrappy binding this time, because I thought there was enough scrappy going on.
I made one of the apple leaves aqua colored instead of green, just to add some interest :)