Jul 31, 2017

Girls Camp 2017

I spent the week before last at girls camp, with 200 young women ages 12-17, and 100 adult leaders.
They are all wonderful girls and I love getting to know them!
I teach a destiny class to six different age levels, one class at a time.
My destiny class this year, was "Be the Light".
This was my class setting that I created, in the woods.

I made all the pom poms, that took a little bit of time :)
I wanted the girls to be fed visually as well as spiritually.
I had the posters printed from this etsy shop.

These are the ladies I have a great time working with :)
Pat, me, Julie and Kate

Each day we chose a costume to wear, and we all dressed alike.
I made the tutus too!

One day, we dressed up like the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.
Well, the wolf wasn't big and bad and we weren't so little! Lol

We even have tails!
Every time I breathed, the nose would make my glasses fog up!

One day we wore beautiful princess quote shirts.
I had them printed at this etsy shop.

The best is the day we dressed as bookworms!!!
(The theme was "My Once Upon a Time")

Pat made these cute costumes!
Notice the antlers and the dark glasses for bookworms?

We slept in a yurt, which was pretty comfortable.
Our camp was in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
It was beautiful and warm in the day, but in the night and first thing in the morning, it was freezing!
These are the ladies I shared a yurt with, they are all amazing!

I wrote a bedtime story about eight little girls in a yurt.
I'm going to give it to them when we meet this week.
I gave them cutesy names and wrote a paragraph about each one of us, pretty funny!
We had someone snap this photo of us just before we left and locked up the camp.
We made enough memories to last a lifetime!


  1. You all must have had a wonderful time - girls and leaders. Sounds fun!! Very ingenious with all the presentations. Yes, memories of a lifetime.

  2. Beautiful photos Cynthia, you and your friends look amazing all dressed up.