Mar 25, 2013

Kylie's Blessing Gown, the sleeve and the yoke

I finished the sleeves, and am really pleased with them.
This is the first time I haven't used beading for the band.
  I thread silk satin ribbon through the beading, tie a bow on the outside and have tails of ribbon cascading down.
The only problem is that since the ribbon is silky, the bow always comes untied.  I think the lace band matches the smocked yoke.

This is a closeup of the smocked yoke.
I plan to sew some little seed pearls on top of the smocking.

I sewed the entredeux (lace with holes) onto the smocked neck, and then attached the lace to the entredeux.

Here is the dress, but it still isn't complete.
I have always sewn lace to the bottom of the blessing gowns.
This time I won't since I don't want to take away from the smocking.  I will sew some pin tucks towards the bottom of the hem to match the pin tucks on the sleeve.

Stay tuned for more :)
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  1. You are so busy I don't even know when you have time to sew such beautiful thing:) The smocking on the dress is amazing. Love it!