Mar 20, 2013

Kylie's Blessing Gown is under Construction

I finished smocking the blessing gown yoke.
The dress is smocked from the shoulder, to the empire waist.
Little diamonds, smocked with pearle cotton.
I outlined the cutting line of the bodice with a washable marker.
Then I stitched along that line, and stitched a 1/4" inside the first stitching line.  The smocking should be stabilized enough for me to cut the boice and join it to the back of the dress.

I smocked 22 rows of half space diamonds!
45 minutes per row equals 990 minutes, that is 16.5 hours.....

I sewed some flat lace in the middle of the sleeve.  
I cut the sleeve in half vertically, and sewed the lace to each piece using an heirloom technique. 
 Then I added 5 pin tucks on each side of the lace.
I still have to create the band and ruffle for the sleeve.

All for this sweet little angel in the hopes that she will pass this gown down to one of her daughters :)

I love being a grandmother ♥

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  1. Look at those beautiful eyes! I love being a grandmother, too. Your smocking is wonderful.