May 21, 2012

Fabric Memories

When  you make something with your quilting scraps, are you ever flooded with memories?  Loving memories of the people who are dear to you, and the quilts you made for them.
I made two really simple table runners out of a charm pack, Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt.
This table runner sits on a table behind the couch.

It was so simple to construct, and I love the straight, clean lines, accentuated by the jumbo rick rack on each side.  I wouldn't normally choose these colors, maybe that's one of the reasons I like it so much.

 I did the stiple quilting, it's really easy to do on small projects.

I was looking at the back of the table runner and it struck me that each and every one of the fabrics that I used reminded me of warm, sweet memories.  The red and green "swell" on the binding, is from a quilt I made for my daughter Vanessa.  Next to it, the pink and green, is from a baby quilt I helped my daughter Rebecca make.  The red polka dot is from my "grandmother's quilt".  The thin strip of gold fabric at the top with the multi colored dots, is from a baby wall hanging I made for my first grandchild, Bridger.  The next fabric with the yellow flowers and green leaves (Lila Tueller) is from the baby quilt I made for my grand daughter, Neo. On the next row, is the fabric that my daughter Lindsay chose to use as the backing for my "Comforts of Home" quilt. (I was living in Florida and didn't have access to a quilt shop that I liked) The white with the yellow stripe, is from a baby quilt I made for my grand daughter, Reagan.  The bottom row of fabric is the backing I used for my "Thanksgiving Dinner" quilt.  

This is the second table runner that I made for the guest bedroom, from the rest of the charm pack.

There aren't memories in these fabrics like there were in the previous table runner backing.  I did make my grand daughter Charlotte a dress from the bright flowered fabric to the right of the blue.

Quilting really is a labor of love and sometimes it can bring back waves of memories ♥

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  1. So true!
    (I hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip:)